What is the The ShinjukOboard for?

The ShinjukOboard lets you write public messages.

How long will my message be displayed on the Shinjuko Board?

Each message are displayed one week.

How long will my message be saved on your servers?

Each message are stored one week, no less, no more.

Can someone read my encrypted message on your servers?

No, your message is locally encrypted before being sent to our servers to be saved. It will be decrypted locally when the correct password is entered.

How do I customize the format of my message?

You can use Markdown syntax to customize your message.

Can I really write whatever I want?

Yes, as long as it is decent. Moderators may delete your message without an explanation if it is not.

How can I decrypt a message?

Click on the "Decrypt" button or the key symbol in the upper right corner of the page, enter your password then click on the "Decrypt" button. All messages decrypted with this password will be displayed.

Add a password if you want it to be encrypted.


No message has been decrypted

The ShinjukOboard, is a public board where each message* will last one week.
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